1.26.09: Where did 2008 go?

2008 went by too fast. I'll try to do better in 2009. I've updated with pics from our trip to Korea in the fall of 2008.
The main pictures on the site are still of MinJung and they really need an update to include both. Maybe this weekend...

6.07.07: Summer '07 is here

Updates from Christmas '06 to May '07 at the beach, including Lauren's 4th birthday and flowers in bloom at the house in May. I've also - as promised - scaled down the pics of Hannah's foot surgery and put up more recent improvement pics as well.

2.25.07: Hannah's Foot is Better

Well, I've realized that the pic of Hannah's foot is WAY to big a bit scary, so I've taken it down and will update with pics of her improved condition and scaled back the size of the painful foot pic.

11.08.06: Does he even care anymore? It's been a year!

Here's what happened... after I painted the living room a year ago to the day (see last post), I moved the family to Florida, bought a beach house, and started selling real estate. No, not really. The only people that care about updates anyway are my folks, so the rest of you (and there aren't many of you) can get over it. The site has not been abandoned. The girls are fine. The good news is that I've uploaded at retrospective of the entire past year, so stop reading and see the update section.

11.08.05: Bad Daddy.

There's no excuse for going 90 days without an update, but I'll make one anyway... My business is going well and I'm busy. Did I mention a neverending honeydo list? That TWO kids make this endeavor much harder to find time for? That I'm supposed to be painting the living room right now? Yes, at 12:32am - and I'm gonna do it, too. So here it is, the Halloween update and THE update of all decent pics since birth. Both girls get some photo time in the 100+ pics. Enjoy.


Audrey HeeJung Pippin was born on July 24th, 2005 at 3:03pm. She weighed 8lbs., 15oz. and was 21" long. YAY! MinJung is excited to be a big sister, and Hannah and I are very happy to be blessed with another healthy addition to the family.

As for the updates, the camera takes decent videos, but kinda big - I recommend that you right-click and save them to your desktop first.

6.23.05: It's a zoo around here

I've finished my graduate degree, HeeJung is due in less than a month (see top of page), I have a honey-do list a mile long, I'm starting my own business (not web design, obviously), and Lauren is about to move to her new bedroom - minus the crib. Did I mention that we went to the zoo on Father's Day? Well, we did, and pics are where they always are, including some from the zoo. Well, none of them are of the scary gorilla that made MinJung cry. I guess coming within 4 inches of an 800lb gorilla is kinda scary when you're only 2. Yes, of course there was something between us and the gorilla - a couple inches of plexiglass, in fact. Geez. Take it easy.

6.12.05: Site Improvements

I'm doing a project to wrap up my master's degree that includes designing a website tutorial/portal. I've decided to update my site with the a feature I'm using for the project. Essentially, it's a menu change - the menus now use a css hover. As for pics, I've got them ready. One more week and I'm done with school forever - then I'll be able to catch up.

4.13.05: Church Dress

Just a few pics, but she looked so cute in this dress I had to go ahead and upload them. I got more of her head than the dress...

4.2.05: 5 new galleries

I can barely see at the moment thanks to RGP contacts that are not playing nice with my eyes. My temporary handicap has a side effect of keeping me from doing much that's not automated, like work. Running photoshop batch files, batch gallery creations, and batch uploads are about all I can manage. Enjoy the resulting pics.

Oh, and you won't be able to read one of the updates unless your browser supports Korean fonts. If you see squares instead of Korean Hangul, that's you. It says mommy and MinJung.

3.24.05: Running behind

An update is coming in the next few days. Upgrading my laptop to a new 7200rpm drive took some time, and life's been busy. I've put some new banners in the mix for now (above) until I can get jalbum up and running again. Just hit refresh to see all 6 currently in rotation. Lots and lots of pics very soon... like a couple hundred and including my niece's birthday party. Hey, I said I was behind, yes?

2.2.05: I'll be 40 when she's 10

So as of yesterday I'm 32, and Lauren's almost 2. She's growing too fast. Since we can't defeat time, here's new pics to capture time. Two sets and a vid. Believe it or not, I made it with the digital camera - mostly because I still haven't bought the software to edit the MiniDV's from the camcorder. One of the sets is a small one with just a few pics of me and Lauren, and the other is a big set of everything since the last update including a very cold trip to the beach. There was a heated indoor pool, so that's why Lauren is set for swimming with her floatee.

To save you time in browsing pictures, this latest gallery style updates the larger image as you mouseover the thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail, and the original sized (largest) picture will show up.

I also created a page that links to all the maps you might want to look at in our area during, say, possible snow events (well, all the maps that I want to look at, anyway). It's on the left near the top.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this - go here on FEBRUARY 4th to vote for Lauren as coverbaby for a contest sponsored by the comapny that makes the yogurt we feed her. If she's a finalist (meaning she's there for you to vote for - only a 3 in 12,000 possibility, but it's possible), we could win $5000 - provided enough people vote for her. If we win the prize, I promise to put half of what the tax-man doesn't taketh away towards her college fund. $250 will go to one of our favorite charities, The Smile Train, and what's left will probably end up spent on furniture now that we're moving Lauren to a 'big' (big to her) bed once the new one arrives July 17th-ish. February 4th. Don't forget.

1.22.05: Firefox finally looks right

It took me long enough to get around to this, but if I'm going to proselytize about the benefits of Firefox over IE, I'd better be able to get the CSS on my own site to play nice in it. So it's done. The spacing is correct, and the stuff on the right and left now show up.

More pics soon. They just need to be run through the gallery software.

I also added a small weather radar map on the left as an experiment. If I find it useful, it'll stay.

1.6.05: More pics!

Talk later. Pics now.

1.4.05: Happy New Year!

Hooray! I got a digicam - the A95, even. But not from the wife (I'm sure she'll enjoy reading that comment). My loving and generous parents, who still feel the need to buy something for their 31yo son, got me the camera I wanted. Thanks mom and dad.

And already, here's an update. I'm breaking the naming convention and calling this update "Outside With Lauren" instead of something age related, beacause I may never find time to fill in that gap now that I can take pics and upload straight from the camera CF card. I'm trying some new web gallery software, JAlbum, and so far it's worth the FREE it costs. It is MUCH better (and friendlier) than the PhotoShop web gallery software I used previously. Hopefully you'll like the new gallery styles. Email me if you don't.

12.19.04: Happy Holidays!

*sigh* - yeah, Lauren's 20 months, and this is the 16.5 month update. I'm trying to keep up, but this site is a hobby, and it's mostly for family. They understand. You, on the other hand, I may or may not care about. So live with it. :)

Ah, it's Christmas time and I'm hoping that the next update will be soon after New Year's - and really big, since I have tons of pics to scan in and will have more after the holidays. I'm working on talking the wife into a 5-megapixel Canon PowerShot A95 to speed this up and save me the 5 or 10 hours each one of these updates takes, which includes scan time after we get the APS shots developed. Anyway, some of these pics are thanks to mom, and none of them are scans, despite my whining. The camcorder takes pretty good stills, even if it's bulky, so I guess I shot myself in the proverbial foot by finding a camcorder that does both video and stills fairly well. One day, I promise, I'll buy some video editing software and put up some vids of our little munchkin. Merry Christmas everyone!

06.09.04: ONE YEAR!

I know, I know, it's been an extra month this time. Moving kept, and is still keeping, me busy. Lauren has been walking nonstop it seems for the past three or four weeks. She can sorta run in an awkward penguinish sorta way. Anyway, she passed her first birthday with a party and a bunch of family pics. Thank my mom for the sudden improvement in some of the photo quality. She got a new 5MP (or is it 6?) digicam. Anyway, the pictures are really great and she keeps emailing them to me, so I'm sharing with the world. Enjoy. One day I'll buy my own camera (instead of using the camcorder) and pics will get posted faster. Yeah, sure they will. C'mon, you don't believe me?

02.09.04: update

WOW - a quicker update. Impressive, hunh. Lauren is cruising around the couch and her toy box (aka - the storage ottoman). She pulls up to standing on everything. The pics show some of that. Enjoy. Did I mention we're looking for a bigger house now that the family is growing? No? Well, we are. I think our current house is shrinking, actually. Maybe not. Anyway, now that I'm armed with a camcorder that does decent stills, expect pics of the new house if we ever find one. :)

01.08.04: A New Year with Lauren

Well, it's been another three months. Time for an update. :)

Lauren is a bundle of joy and a blessing. She also pinches really hard. We're not sure how she discovered this ability, so I'll just blame grandma for the moment - ah, but which grandma do I mean? I'll never tell. I'm kidding, of course... just not about Lauren's pinching ability.

Anyway, new pics are posted, and I'll eventually add more. Check back less than often.

09.01.03: update

Ok, so I've been promising an update for a long time... needless to say, it's been busy in the Pippin house. I've uploaded some photos, mostly recent, of Lauren up to her fourth month. Check back because I will add more when I get time. *chuckle* - let's just say that you shouldn't count on any video upload this year.

05.12.03: Birth Announcement and Welcome

We've had a baby girl! Lauren was born on Easter Sunday (4.20.03) and was 8 pounds 8 ounces, 20.5 inches and had a big head like her daddy - 35cm (whew!).

This is my new homepage. Hopefully everything works (or will soon). I have lots of pics to upload - and eventually some video clips of our new bundle of joy.







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